Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Guitarrist John Williams and Richard Harvey

Most of you will be familiar with the famous classical guitarrist John Williams. You may not be as familiar with the multi-instrumentallist/composer Richard Harvey. Harvey is a graduate from the Royal College of Music and was a co-founder of the '70s classical/folk/rock band Gryphon. Since then he has composed for and peformed on many television and film scores. Harvey is proficient on a wide range of instruments, as can be seen in the two attached videos.

Richard Harvey and John Williams have worked together on a number of projects in recent years. In 1995 Harvey composed the Concerto Antico for Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra. Harvey contributed to William's "Musical Box" album. More recently, The two musicians recorded a live concert in japan that will soon be released on DVD. These two clips are from that concert.

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