Friday, July 13, 2012

Magma: Felicite Thosz

Felicite Thosz is released! And it's absolutely beautiful. Don't expect to find the heavier, darker side of Magma here; as the title would imply, this is an incredibly joyful piece of music. The title track is 28 minutes in duration, subdivided into sections. The CD also includes one additional track, for a total duration of 32 minutes—so as CDs go, it's short, but very sweet. Here are some video clips of live performances of the piece:

And a special treat, for me, was finding this clip of Christan Vander playing his composition at the piano, rather than sitting at his drum kit where we usually see him:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Barock Project album: Coffee in Neukolin

Barock Project's new CD is out, and it's amazing. I just finished my first listen after purchasing the MP3 album from Amazon. Lyrics this time are in English; I miss the Italian, as its a much more beautiful language, but it is nice to know what they're singing about. Two YouTube videos released by the band so far: a full 8-minute song, and a compilation. Enjoy!