Monday, September 20, 2010

Ever wonder how Jordan Rudess gets away with only 1 keyboard?

Progressive Rock usually means stacks of keyboards, right? So how does Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater get away with just one? Usually in live performances you'll be able to see Jordan playing just one keyboard, the Korg Oasis -- and he has it mounted on a cool swivel stand so he can sort of move around a bit when he plays.

Well, I found a video where Jordan explains how this keyboard was able to single-board-edly replace almost all his other instruments in live performances. It's a fun video.

Ayreon Live

Arjen Lucassen's Ayreon albums pull together some of the best musicians in rock and metal to present some great sci-fi progressive rock operas. Here are a couple videos from live performances. You'll see a lot of different musicians -- Arjen of course is the very tall guitarist.

Mike Patton singing Italian with Metropole Orchestra

Mike Patton is best known as the versatile vocalist for Faith No More. Just how versatile? He has fronted several other bands, performed compositions of vocal noises by John Zorn, and performed monster noises for movies. He also sang  in concert with the Metropole Orchestra, performing almost the entire concert in Italian. Here are a couple videos from the performance.