Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Gryphon Soars Once More

Gryphon was a mostly instromental Renaissance/folk/rock band in the 70's. Their first album was entirely acoustic, with a number of of traditional songs mixed with original compositons. Their albums became progressively more rock-like, but always retained a very strong connection to early classical music.

Over the last few years its members have been working together on new material. In June of 2009 they put on a revival concert at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London. This video is from that performance. Unfortunately the camera is panned out too far to really see the various instruments that they play, but it's great to listen to.

Tomorrow I'll be posting some great footage of one of Gryphon's members, Richard Harvey, performing with guitarist John Williams. The music of Gryphon and Richard Harvey were featured on episode 24 of the Classical Connection.

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