Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Setna Album "Guerison"—With Neom Vocalist

Modern French Zeuhl* band Setna released a new album a couple months ago, titled Guerison. Their first album, Cycle 1 (2008), was very good. I was very excited to learn that this new album features the amazing vocalist  from another new Zeuhl band Neom (in that band he also plays guitar, and he's amazing at that too).

The video below shows some footage of the band in the studio recording and mixing the album. Fortunately for us Americans they don't talk a whole lot; we just get to see and hear them making some amazing music.

*For those not familiar with Zeuhl music, it is a sub-genre of bands inspired by the style of the band Magma and the compositions of that band's leader, Christian Vander. The music tends to be influenced by jazz, rock (mostly in the energy and instrumentation, less stylistically), and 20th-century composition techniques, and often features choral or operatic vocal parts. I will be writing quite a few Zeuhl posts in the future, as it has become one of my favorite genres.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Niacin Album "Krush"

John Novello, Dennis Chambers, Billy Sheehan. Amazing jazz/rock fusion band that set out to feature the sounds of the Hammond B3 (hence the name Niacin - B3 Vitamin). This is their 6th studio album, all of which are amazing. Sure, it might not be all that classical, but I have to depart once in a while, especially when it's Jazz.

Here is an official post from the label of the first track on the CD.