Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Anglagard Album: Viljans Oga

The Swedish band Anglagard made a big impact in the prog rock world with their debut album Hybris in 1992, and its followup Epilog in 1994. Both albums contain mostly instrumental, dense music heavily influenced by compositional techniques typically found in classical music, and feature woodwinds in addition to rock instrumentation. Unfortunately, apart from a live album released a few years later, the band went silent.

Until now.

In 2012 Anglagard released their long awaited third studio album. Entitled Viljans Oga, It contains 4 lengthy, beautifully composed tracks and is a worthy successor to their earlier albums.

The have also been performing live at a number of venues. Here is the best live recording I could find of them on YouTube. Enjoy!

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