Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dredging the Dregs...

Every once in a while I make a musical rediscovery. I'll re-listen to something that I've heard before, but I'll really LISTEN, and it makes an impression. Well, that happened to me yesterday. I've had the music of the Dixie Dregs in my iTunes for years, and I've known they were a great band ... but I didn't really discover them until yesterday, when I listened to their album "What If" over 5 times in a row.

The Dixie Dregs are an instrumental band that got their start at the University of Miami in the '70s. Don't let let their appearance fool you; they might look rather like your average rock band in their manner of dress and long hair, but these are highly trained and respected musicians, several of them with college music degrees.

I went on YouTube and was happy to find some great videos displaying their ecclectic range of music:

CLASSICAL: (well, loosely classical) a beautiful duet for violin and acoustic guitar called "Little Kids" (audio only).

A nice duet with Steve Morse and Dave LaRue playing a piece entitled "Point Counterpoint."

PROGRESSIVE ROCK: "Odyssey" -- there's a LOT going on in this piece. I love how all the different themes fit together.

JAZZ FUSION: Leprecaun Promenade

COUNTRY: Wrap it all up with a great country-style shred fest.

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