Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nightwish: Ghost Love Score

Not one of my favorite bands, but one of my favorite songs -- A 10-minute-long, near perfect blend of metal, orchestra, choir, and quasi-operatic vocals. I'm not a huge fan of metal music generally, but since I have a soft spot for anything orchestral I quickly fell for this. They have quite a few other songs backed with orchestra and choir, and they're done quite well.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any performances actually featuring the choir and orchestra -- in this video the band is performing along with pre-recorded orchestra and choral tracks.

I don't follow this band very closely, but I do know that the singer featured in this video has been replaced, which caused quite a stir among fans. I have two of their albums that feature the singer in this video, and really enjoy the more orchestral tracks on them.

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